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Forum Rules

 Forum Rules

â Forum rules to be followed to maintain a proper experience for all playersâž

> Advertising

Advertising other server's IP's, or external sites irrelevant to ArivixMC.

> Advertising Inappropriate Content

Advertising 18+ content, as well as sexual graphical footage.

> Arguing

Being involved in an argument with other members of the community.

> DDoS Threats

Threatening members to boot them from their internet connection.

> Dox Threats

Threatening members to leak their personal information.

> Flood

Flooding posts, such as repeatedly commenting in threads, or massively spamming characters.

> Going Off-topic

Not following the topic settled in a thread, and disregarding its context.

> Grave-Digging

Posting replies in old threads or attempting to revive them. The thread must be 1 month or older.

> Inappropriate Behavior

Acting inappropriately within the community, such as taunting someone, acting sexual, or having unusual behavior.

> Inappropriate Content

Posting inappropriate images and/or threads.

> Inappropriate Language

Making use of sexual language and/or obscene vocabulary.

> Racism / Discrimination

Discriminating others due to their race, beliefs, ethics, religions, and/or overall preferences are forbidden.

> Reaction Spamming

Spamming the reactions of a member. Either positive or negative, it is forbidden.

> Rioting

Attempting to create conflict or go against an idea/member.

> Staff Impersonating

Impersonating a member of the staff team. By implying you are one of them or stating you can perform staff commands.

NOTE: Staff has the right to change any rule at any point in time without prior notice.